By submitting your application you agree that:

  • The information provided by yourself is true and correct, and that we as a broker, may provide details of this application to other brokers or lending companies, we feel best suited to fulfil your requirements, and that broker/lender may contact you for further information as required to carry out an accurate credit search.
  • A lender may use the information held by credit reference agencies in support of your application, and may ask a third party to verify any information given in this application.
  • We may hold the information given in this application on computer, for as long as it takes to complete the loan, or until notified if opted to receive further information and offers from ourselves. You may be contacted by other partners within the Carcredit-online group by mail, telephone, SMS text or email, with details of other products or services which may be of interest to you. If you do not want to be marketed in this way you will write to the Data Protection officer,, 164 Moorside Street,  Manchester, M43 7HG (Quoting full name, date of birth and full address details).
  • You would like to receive offers from 3rd party companies offering similar products that may be available to you, and agree to receive this information my mail, email or other similar contact methods.
  • If you wish to discontinue your application inform us immediately at and we will cancel your application upon receipt of your E-mail
  • If you would like to apply, but would not like to receive further correspondence from ourselves relating to other financial services. E-mail us at and inform us immediately if this is the case.
  • Upon submittal of this application, the conduct of third party lenders has no relation to or any of its subsidiary companies. As we do not regulate their conduct and we act solely as a third party broker only. Therefore you agree we are not liable for their conduct.
  • If you have a complaint, you need to write a letter stating your full complaint and send it to The Complaints Officer,, 164 Moorside Street, Manchester, M43 7HG or mail to  and your complaint will be dealt with as quickly as possible.
  • All valuations given by Carcredit-Online are made as accurately as possible with the information provided by you the customer. Mistakes can sometimes be made in human error therefore you agree that Carcredit-online cannot be made liable for any valuation that is incorrect. Valuations are normally valid for the current month in which they are issued. If there is any further information you require about our valuation service refer to our contact details above.